40 minutes | Jun 22nd 2018

Expert Interview #20 Candy Smith: Somatic Experiencing and the Anxious Child

Somatic Experiencing Therapy is a type of therapy developed by Peter Levine to deal with trauma, but which is extremely relevant  helping all sorts of anxiety conditions in children. When children become anxious they often "shut down" or "freeze up" and this type of therapy has an important contribution to helping children with this part of the fight/flight/freeze response.

Candy Smith is a licensed clinical professional counselor, somatic experiencing practitioner and registered play therapist as well as certified yoga instructor. She is a highly regarded therapist in translating somatic experiencing therapy into effective treatment for children.

More information about Candy Smith can be found on web site candysmithcounseling.com where she has a blog and a series of videos explaining Somatic Experiencing Therapy. The videos are short and to the point, just want the busy parent and professional need.

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