36 minutes | Jul 30, 2017

#58: Why We Stopped Sharing Our Kids On The Internet

When does sharing things about your kids online become oversharing? And how do older kids who have grown up on their parents' blogs and social media feeds feel about having their childhoods posted for public consumption? You’ve probably noticed we’re much more private about our own kids these days, and in this special episode, we’re diving into “sharenting” and the reasons why we’ve decided to scale back. We also talked with four other bloggers (Erin Loechner, Myquillyn Smith, Cassie Freeman, and Joy Cho) about how much is too much to share - and we loved hearing how they find the right balance for their family. It was fascinating to chat with people who all come at this topic from a different angle to hear what feels right for them and when they know they’ve crossed the line.  

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