212 minutes | Nov 27th 2020

[MINDSET] Ep. 147 Black Lives Matter: Let’s Get Educated

Where does racism show up in your life?


In this special episode, Ash talks with four separate leaders on the Black Lives Matter movement. This episode is packed with powerful insight, thought-provoking conversations, and a deep look at where you sit within this vital movement to bring equality and peace to the planet.


In modern culture and society, racism takes on many different forms. Listen in to this episode to learn the 4 myths you may be buying into about racism and how your attachment style impacts the way you handle racism.


Ash talks with these guests about black history, myths on racism, the role of narcissism in racism, and the impact of the civil justice system on black lives. Want to be color brave? This episode’s final guest opens the doors on how to remove diversity and inclusion barriers in your workplace and in your life.


Racism may be more present in your life more than you originally considered. This episode’s guest will open your eyes to understand what causes racism, where it stems from, and how you can make changes in your life to be a positive light with all people. 


In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  1. The top 4 myths on racism you could be buying into.
  2. How to look at your own bias to dismantle racism.
  3. 7 racist defense mechanisms you may be using.
  4. How narcissism plays a role in racism.
  5. What it looks like to be racist in today’s culture and society.
  6. The way to navigate social media with bias and intolerance.


Where You Can Find the Guests:

Christina Blacken 

The New Quo



April Harter




Brenda Stevenson



Janet Stovall

Watch her TED talk here



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