16 minutes | May 4, 2021

When Performance Anxiety Lurks...

Performance anxiety can take down even the most talented creative… if they don’t have the foundation and purpose behind their art.  People who write books battle performance anxiety every week when they are putting together their chapters.  That one chapter was amazing, but will I ever write a better one?  Was that my whole swan song? Podcasters and performers could feel the same way.  Someone tells you that they loved your interview last week and immediately the voices go, that’s it.  You’re done. From now on it’s downhill from here.   So how do you keep creating and moving along despite these ever present voices?  Believe that what you are putting out in the world has more purpose and meaning than how you may feel creating it. You can be insecure as hell but if you think that the message or the song or the idea needs to lands to hundreds or thousands of people, your performance simply can’t stand in the way. You get quiet and rise to the occasion.   In today’s stand alone episode, I take a break from interviewing fascinating people and instead contemplate and offer solutions for this often defeating affliction of performance anxiety. I tell a story of recording a simple video for an ad of a program I am passionate about, and how that passion at the end of the day got me doing a clean take despite internal and external circumstances (or in my mind, forces against me proving I had no right to sell this product!  Not true!)   If you enjoyed this podcast, and would like to see me in a live free training on May 13th, From Someday to Author: Three Keys to Unlock Your Dream Book in Under 8 weeks head over to my IG @astoryinside for all the details. And if you have a book you are dying to write and want to know more about me as a coach, sign up for my newsletter at astoryinside.com.   
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