19 minutes | Mar 9, 2021

The Intimacy and Trauma Story

How intimate do you think you are with others?  How about yourself?  If you are a business woman who has it all, the kids, the house, the career, but pause even for half a second on that question, you may be bypassing facing trauma in your history and the narrative of your current story.  As women who are motivated, visible and charismatic, we think we are being “intimate” but still behaving in an old story that keeps people at an arms’ length. Especially when it comes to romantic relationships.  In that category we can find the most evidence of lack of intimacy from trauma, but then when we peel back the layers, we see it is in more areas of our life.   Host Kim O’Hara offers another stand alone insight into her own personal journey through the narrative of recovery from sexual abuse, and the many uplevels and layers she has transcended since she faced her truth.  Now she gets to own her life, and her story, and ask herself, how intimate does she want to be in her life? Want to get Naked with your story and find out where you can have more intimacy after trauma? Head over to astoryinside.com/naked. Also, Kim offers 8 week Own Your Authorship workshops for authors with a desire to write a book, but stuck in the procrastination and lack of worthiness to take the leap.  Reach out to her at astoryinside.com to inquire about this game changing class. Do you enjoy our podcast every week?  We would appreciate any donations so we can keep doling out honest truths and having on incredible guests. Every dollar counts to keep the doors open! Donate here: https://www.paypal.com/donate/?hosted_button_id=GWDSB3VYWJLLE&source=url 
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