24 minutes | Jul 13, 2021

The Future of Remote Podcasting

Just because the barrier of entry to podcasting is low, creating good thought-provoking content is where the pros separate from the amateurs. Also, podcasting the right way for good sound isn’t necessarily quick and easy. One needs to understand the various technologies like a good microphone and an excellent reliable remote recording platform. Our podcast in one year has gone from Skype on a cell phone, to full on remote with Squadcast which is why it was such a thrill to interview Squadcast co-founder Rock Felder. He helps provide the forum for creatives to have engaging conversations and spread their message in a professional way.  We cover a lot of ground in this interview from how Squadcast was founded by Rock and high school friends Zack and Vince who were like brothers to him, to the fire one walks through when creating an out of the box original innovation.  You need to have growing pains, and come out stronger. Plus he drops some great remote recording tips that are free and intuitive!    Drop comments in the chat! Are you still friends with folks from childhood? Did you grow up listening to the radio? What are some of your favorite podcasting stories where your ass was in the fire!  
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