23 minutes | Mar 2, 2021

Put Your Faith Outside “the Man” with Davina Kotulski

Show up and step out in faith, and the Universe will provide for us, says Davina Kotulski, the award-winning author of the book The Manna Paradigm Shift: Creating the Consciousness of Abundance and Freedom.  As always, we get real on this episode, tightly navigating her choice to make a big career change for freedom of spirit, the importance of the work in past life regression to forgive yourself and others,  and falling in love without a gender bias.     Davina is an LGBT marriage equality advocate and her first book was called Why You Should Give A Damn About Gay Marriage. She was one of the first couples to be married in SF when Gavin Newsom lifted the ban in 2004 and on a book tour on May 17th 2004 in Massachusetts when MA became the first state to allow same-sex marriage.   Want to get Naked with your story?  Head over to astoryinside.com/naked and grab our free giveaway! We also have our live video version on https://youtu.be/V0XOA1E2aZY
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