22 minutes | Jun 22, 2021

Finding Intimacy in a Text-Driven Dating World

Start writing about those relationships.  If you are like host Kim O’Hara and her guest dating coach Kindra Murphy, you have a lot of material to reap!  So stop worrying about whether someone is your person, and get honest about your own patterns and relationship with intimacy.  The right special someone will come when your emotional house is in order.   We are in a time when the essence of spontaneity in romantic relationships is waning with the Facebook stalking, constant texting and this subterfuge that is actually codependent behavior.  Then when you are ghosted after being smitten with the smothering of early attention, you feel all the bad emotions of being dumped… even in a relationship that hasn’t even gotten legs. Relationships could use some time in between the messaging and checking in to build the solo self.    In today’s podcast Kindra Murphy, returning for a second time on the show, shares tips on how to prevent false intimacy in relationships new or established. We get really clear on what texting should truly be used for. As a writer, personally, host Kim O’Hara admits she is uncomfortable answering honestly to the "How are you?" text. What are they expecting?  A paragraph?  She and Kindra agree, if someone really cares about how you are they would be calling on the phone and making plans.    The best action when it comes to finding that special someone is to continue to  look at ourselves and our behavior in relationships what  our actions are that in some way keep us safe. You can watch the video portion of the podcast on You Tube at https://youtu.be/ky4mBzXB7WQ
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