49 minutes | Oct 8, 2016

Ep. 32 – Mick Dodge: Bare Footing, Fixing Back Pain, & Reality TV - You, Optimized. Radio

Mick Dodge, "The Barefoot Sensei" What You'll Hear In This Episode00:30     National Geographic’s show, "The Legend of Mick Dodge” 03:15     Did Mick really spend 25 years out in the wild? 05:45     Why Mick permanently abandoned shoes and went bare foot 10:00     Barefoot or die, fixing back pain, and Mick’s feet not “fitting” the earth 12:00     The lessons from the Earth as Mick went barefoot 15:45     The transition to eliminating shoes for good 21:30     Why Mick has a cell phone if he’s a man of the Earth 25:00     What it means to be natural 29:00     A bare-footer's take on technology 36:30     Emptying your cup and allowing yourself to be taughtResource Links Official Website: www.mickdodge.com Earth Gym Website The Hoh Rain Forest & Olympic Peninsula Facebook Page Wikipedia Page National Geographic TV Show: "The Legend of Mick Dodge"How To Subscribe For Free! A podcast is a free downloadable audio show that enables you to learn while you’re on the go.  To subscribe to my podcast for free, you’ll need an app to listen to the show from. For iPhone/iPad/iPod listeners – Grab your phone or device and go to the iTunes store and search “You, Optimized. Radio”  This will help you to download the free Podcasts App (produced by Apple) and then subscribe to the show from within that app.  Every time I produce a new episode, you’ll get it downloaded right on your iDevice. For Android listeners – Download the Stitcher Radio app (free) and search for “You, Optimized. Radio”  Or, if you have already downloaded a podcasting client, follow the directions in the next sentence. For podcast enthusiasts – If you already listen to podcasts and have a podcatcher that you prefer, the feed you’ll need to add is https://jasonprall.com/feed/podcast/ For those who don’t have a mobile device – You can always listen to the show by clicking the audio file at the top of this page.The post Ep. 32 – Mick Dodge: Bare Footing, Fixing Back Pain, & Reality TV appeared first on jasonprall.com.
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