51 minutes | Sep 25, 2016

Ep. 31 – Travis Chistofferson: Ketosis, Hyperbaric Oxygen, & Cancer Therapy - You, Optimized. Radio

Cancer Therapy & the Metabolic Theory What You'll Hear In This Episode00:45     The short definition of what cancer is and its primary defining characteristic 01:30     Why Travis wrote the book, “Tripping Over the Truth: The Metabolic Theory of Cancer" 02:30     The origin of “the metabolic theory of cancer" 05:00     What fuels cancer cells 06:40     The connection between a cancer and a lack of oxygen 08:45     How chemotherapy was developed and came to be used as cancer therapy 12:00     What role genes play in the potential for cancer development 14:30     What happens when a cancer cell nucleus is inserted into a healthy cell cytoplasm 15:15     What happens when a healthy cell nucleus is inserted into a cancerous cell cytoplasm 17:00     What role mitochondria play in the expression of oncogenes 19:45     Can our body naturally recover from cancer? 22:00     Why cancer cells can’t switch fuel sources and what implications this has 23:30     The various ways to induce the endogenous production of ketone bodies 26:30     Cell apoptosis and its role in cancer recovery & cancer therapy 29:00     The expression of the fetal gene hexokinase 2 in cancer cells 30:30     What biomarkers to watch if you’re worried about cancer 32:20     Why Laron Dwarfs in Ecuador don’t get cancer or diabetes 34:30     What you can do to improve physiology if you have cancer 40:00     Adrienne Scheck’s Research on ketogenic diet + radiation in brain cancer therapy 42:00     Where you can donate to REAL therapeutic cancer research 43:30     Which kind of treatment approach is likely to solve the cancer issueResource Links Foundation Website: http://www.singlecausesinglecure.orgBook: "Tripping Over the Truth: The Return of the Metabolic Theory of Cancer" by Travis ChristoffersonBook: "Cancer as a Metabolic Disease: On the Origin, Management, and Prevention of Cancer" by Thomas SeyfriedAdrienne Scheck’s Research on ketogenic diet + radiation in brain cancerHow To Subscribe For Free! A podcast is a free downloadable audio show that enables you to learn while you’re on the go.  To subscribe to my podcast for free, you’ll need an app to listen to the show from.For iPhone/iPad/iPod listeners – Grab your phone or devic
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