20 minutes | Aug 2, 2017

Episode 004: Why Would You Even

This episode, we talk about the lifecycle of a tadfrog, that biology and evolution is weird/cool (depending on how you look at it), how school can teach you alternative facts (or lies) (or half-truths), that “everything is eatable”, how much one would pay for a plate of rotten meat and the euphemisms that can be used when it comes to describing exotic foodstuff. And also, more things Violet can’t pronounce and Dan's stand on environmental conservation in this edition of You Might Have Known. Violet: Apologies for the really bad audio on this episode. You might have known that one should never record outdoors. Guess what I did. Links for Episode: Surprises in evolution of frog life cycles - ScienceDaily Umami - Wikipedia The Time 250,000-Year-Old Mammoth Was Served For Dinner - Mental Floss 2012 108th Explorers Club Annual Dinner - Popular Science 2014 Explorers Club Annual Dinner - Daily News 2016 Explorers Club Annual Dinner - The Atlantic (Article 1) 2016 Explorers Club Annual Dinner - Popular Science (Article 2) Explorers Club Twitter Accounts: Daniel's Twitter Violet's Twitter Support Subscribe on iTunes
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