42 minutes | Oct 10, 2020

Red Tipped Phallus!

Braydon and Belinda are back at you again discussing two very interesting paranormal topics from Arizona and Thailand!Braydon starts the episode out by talking about The Red Ghost of Arizona (a name he butchers a lot throughout this episode, mixing it up with The Red Devil, so be warned). The cloven-footed creature terrorised Arizona during the late 1800's, killing and injuring those who crossed its path. The thing most terrifying about this enormous beast was the skeletal rider seen striding upon its back. In the end however, this terrifying entity was more fact than fiction, listen in to see why!Belinda goes on to discuss the Thai widow's ghost! The widow's ghost is said to roam Thailand in search of men to kill, snatching them from their engagements and relationships by bringing them into the clutches of death. The ghost is said by Mediums to only be repelled by a red shirt hung from the house of men, and households with only one son are most at risk. In spite of all of the protective objects, many healthy men seem to be snatched by the Widow's ghost in the evening regardless. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
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