39 minutes | Aug 13, 2020

Declared Dead... Again!

Braydon and Belinda are back again for another weekly episode, discussing two weird and wonderful paranormal topics from around the globe.On today's episode, Braydon visits his favourite place in the US again, Loveland Ohio. This time instead of talking about Frogmen, he's talking about the Loveland Castle and it's owner who is said to haunt the premises. Harry Andrews built the castle over his life after WW1, and died before it was ultimately complete. The Knights of the Golden Trail who take care of the castle in his absence say they notice things missing, and sometimes spot the castle's owner strolling the halls.Belinda goes on to discuss the terrifying Mesoamerican legendary canine, El Cadejo! The beasts are reported to come in a few varieties, one being white and benevolent and the other being black and malevolent. These creatures are said to fight against each other to protect and hurt certain individuals. The Black Cadejo is said to be able to stand on its hind legs, strike with its front paws, and throw nasty insults to demoralise its victims before eating them, and the White Cadejo is said to take care of drunks and lonely individuals on their walks home, and lead them towards good decisions!If you wanted to follow us on social media, we can be found on: Facebook, and on Instagram You, Me, and a Poltergeist, Braydon, BelindaCHECK OUT ALL THE OTHER PODCAST ON TNC: THATSNOTCANON.COM See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
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