50 minutes | Oct 5, 2021

How to Delegate, Do It, or Drop It with Anna Dearmon Kornick

Anna Dearmon Kornick teaches us strategies for managing time and determining when to delegate. She also explains why time management is heart management. When you get clear on your vision, goals, and values, you can do more of what matters to you. Episode Highlights[08:48] How to Have More Control in Your DayMentally walking through your day allows you to anticipate problems in advance and come up with solutions. When you know your schedule, you can also give your breaks a purpose. [13:02] How to Manage Admin TimeThe most effective meetings have agendas and a step-by-step flow.[15:26] Creating an Agenda Checklist for Admin TimeCreating the sequence of tasks in your agenda mostly depends on personal preference.One thing that might help is the time management technique called ‘Eat that frog,’ where you start your day by doing the toughest or most important task. You can also try the 15-minute rule. [19:03] Set Expectations with Your AgendaSet expectations with others who may want to steal your attention during admin time.Admin time needs to be protected to serve its purpose.[20:54] Combating DistractionsWe have been conditioned to respond anytime someone reaches out.To combat this, have a notepad to write down the ‘shiny things’ that derail your focus.[24:37] The Importance of DelegationUnderstand the process required to complete a task and give the person what they need to succeed.The best way to delegate is to capture the steps into a workflow. [28:58] Creating a WorkflowUse language that the person you delegated will understand.Make sure there are no gaps and room for assumptions. [32:23] Learning Period in DelegationMistakes will be made when you delegate. Think of the worst thing that could happen in your workflow. Then, come up with a safety net for the person to take on the task.[34:43] Delegating Outside WorkWhat home and personal activities you can outsource to get your time back?[39:13] Determining What to Keep and What to DelegateZero in the activities falling in your zone of genius.[43:40] Spending More Time in Your Zone of GeniusThink hard about what things you should be delegating.This passion and proficiency lens opens up awareness about how you spend and how you want to spend your time.[45:52] Top Three TipsCreate a vision for the future and the life you want.Set goals.Articulate core values. Enjoyed This Podcast?Write a review and share this with your friends.Sign up for a FREE workbook.Join the Shapes Collective Facebook group.Find out more about our training here.Email Rachel or reach her on LinkedIn or Twitter.Check out the Permission to Thrive CPD membership for doctors!Sign up now for the Shapes Toolkit Programs to help you take control of your workload, feel better, and beat burnout. Create your ideal week using the THRIVE Week Planner!Support the show (https://youarenotafrog.com)
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