50 minutes | Sep 21, 2021

How to Break Up With Your Toxic Relationship With Your Career with Dr Pauline Morris

In this episode, Dr Pauline Morris shares common pitfalls that create unsustainable work habits. She also explains why staying in your comfort zone can be detrimental to your performance.  Finally, we learn about self-care.Episode Highlights[02:55] Top Career Concerns From DoctorsMany doctors think that they aren't in a work environment conducive to growth.Others are starting to rethink their careers in medicine.[05:32] Career Counselling in MedicineMost physicians are told to separate their personal lives from their professional ones.This mindset pushes people to ignore their preferences and personality traits when choosing career paths. [09:53] Problems with Work-Life BalanceDoctors tend to have altruistic personalities and adopt a "patient first" perspective.[14:12] Three Common IssuesMany doctors don't know what makes them happy and motivated to work.They tend to be perfectionists.The medical community looks down on career path changes. [17:53] Staying in Your Comfort ZoneDoctors usually prefer to stay in their comfort zones because they know the expectations.They are also concerned with the comfort of their loved ones and the people around them.[21:28] Don’t Be a Passenger in Your Own LifeYou can change your circumstances, with deliberate action.[25:09] Career Counselling Tip: IntrospectWhat do you enjoy? What are your strengths and values?[31:15] Career Counselling Tip: Cut Back on PerfectionismYou can't do everything perfectly; you don’t need to. [36:01] Career Counselling Advice on Working with Your StrengthsGet the perspective of other people to help you understand yourself.A career counsellor can improve your career satisfaction.[40:59] Diversifying Your CareerUnderstand why you diversify. [44:55] Pauline's Top Three TipsKnow yourself,  invest in yourself, and take time to align who you are and what you want to do.Enjoyed This Podcast?Write a review and share this with your friends.Sign up for a FREE workbook.Join the Shapes Collective Facebook group.Find out more about our training here.Email Rachel or reach her on LinkedIn or Twitter.Check out the Permission to Thrive CPD membership for doctors!Sign up now for the Shapes Toolkit Programs.Podcast linksCheck out this You Are Not A Frog episode:E67: Bringing Your Best Self to Work with Dr Sarah GouldingTen Coping Strategies for Physicians by Dr Pauline MorrisDoctors Caring for DoctorsConnect with Dr Pauline: Facebook | Twitter | LinkedInSupport the show (https://youarenotafrog.com)Support the show (https://youarenotafrog.com)
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