49 minutes | Oct 19, 2021

3 Conversations Which Will Get You Unstuck with Annie Hanekom

Annie Hanekom joins us to share the three important conversations you need to have — with yourself and with others — to help you get unstuck. We discuss the importance of having meaningful conversations and the weight it carries on your mindset and wellbeing.Episode Highlights[03:23] The Importance of Meaningful ConversationsThe conversation is the relationship and thus carries a lot of weight.[06:43] What People Are Going Through NowThere seems to be a lag in people’s behaviours because of exhaustion.Physical fatigue can be fixed by rest, whereas depletion needs social connection.[11:56] What’s In Your Control?If you start focusing on the things you can control, that zone of power grows and helps you feel empowered.[18:41] The Power of Focusing on What You Can ControlFocus on what you can really control and trust in the process.[20:26] Where Is Your Focus?Are the things you’re focusing on driving you towards the things that really matter?[23:34] The Danger of Being Addicted to BusynessBeing busy does make people feel good about themselves, but only temporarily.It could easily lead to burnout and severe fatigue.[28:23] Focusing on the Long-TermHow you achieve things might look different if you focus on your zone of power.[31:13] Thinking PartnershipsThinking partnerships is where you have meaningful conversations with a partner. These allow you to uncover a sustainable, useful solution to your conundrum.[36:10] What Story Are You Telling?By starting conversations with ‘The story I’m telling myself…’, you begin to address the fact that the story may not be true.[40:52] Determining Your IntentionsDig deeper into your intentions and reflect on what you want to achieve in your conversation.[44:09] Annie’s Three Top TipsPause and catch yourself.Pay attention to your intentions.Focus on the long-term possibilities.Enjoyed This Podcast?Write a review and share this with your friends.Join the Shapes Collective Facebook group.Find out more about our training here.Email Rachel or reach her on LinkedIn or Twitter.Check out the Permission to Thrive CPD membership for doctors!Sign up now for the Shapes Toolkit Programs to help you take control of your workload, feel better, and beat burnout. Create your ideal week using the THRIVE Week Planner!Sign up here for more FREE resources.Are you a leader in health or social care? Know how to build a robust team through difficult times without burning out yourself by registering for our free webinar here! Get simple tools that you can use to support your team for resilience, productivity, and wellbeing, help them deal with overwhelm, and get you a happy, thriving team without burning yourself out. Be a member of Resilient Team Academy now! Sign-ups are open until the third of November.Support the show (https://youarenotafrog.com)
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