17 minutes | Nov 12th 2020

Ep. 74 - Moving Into Personal Consciousness: A Broader View

Do not wait to see how everyone else feels, or to see what everyone else is doing in order to move forward in this life. Do YOU. What do you want to do? How do you want to feel regardless of the feedback you may get from others? Maybe I ask these questions a lot, but they will never lose their importance. We are going through a lot as a human race - Humanity is shifting into a higher state of consciousness. Know that all hardships and tough situations that you find yourself in, are all helping to propel you forward into higher personal consciousness. We all want to be loved and acknowledged by others, but we all also deserve FREEDOM in our lives to do what we want to do and be who we want to be. If life is feeling overwhelming or hard to handle at this time, tune in for some quick tips and mindset points to bring you back to BEing and to your core. Your core is your foundation for personal strength…it is where the truth of who YOU ARE resides. Allow yourself to live in Freedom by going inside and feeling the truth of your core (solar plexus chakra). In this episode, we will talk about: 1. How do you want to feel in life? 2. The Presidential Election and the "human experience" 3. Moving into a higher state of consciousness 4. Feeling responsible for others' happiness and feelings 5. Growing Pains 6. The importance of BREATHE in consciousness 7. Choosing to step into your power 8. You have no idea how important you ARE 9. We all deserve to be ourselves without judgement 10. There's great power in accepting ourselves 11. Offer yourself a different way of doing things, a different way of seeing yourself *** As I mention in this episode, my new online course 7 Days To YOU is officially available for purchase! This short, $14 course, will guide you in deepening your self worth and empowerment by building the foundation for you to become a true friend to yourself💓 For more information please visit the 7 Days To YOU home page, and reach out to me for any questions! 7 Days To YOU: https://www.7daystoyou.com/home Hope this is all helpful to you. Here's to you on your Journey!💜 #Podcast #YOUAreGoodEnough! #Episode74 #movingintopersonalconsciousness #abroaderview #acloserlook #foundationalstrength #whatisyourcoretellingyou #howdoyouwanttofeel #whatdoyouwanttodo #doyou #humanexperience #shiftsinhumanity #lovehumanity #growthandtransformation #selflove #higherconsciousness #unconscioustoconscious #freedom #EmpoweringYOU #11ways #7daystoyou #transformationalrelationshipcoach #KimberleyBell
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