16 minutes | Oct 15th 2020

Ep. 72 - Healing Yourself Heals Your Child

When it comes to parenting, I want you to open your mind up to the fact that when you heal yourself, you offer the same healing to those around you, and especially to your children. Through our own healing as parents, we provide our children with a stronger foundation of love and happiness. But as a parent, it's often tough to stop and even just THINK for yourself. So I invite you in this episode to take a moment now to ask yourself - How do you deal with your feelings? Are you a parent that's really frustrated, who gets explosive at times? When we yell a lot or blame our anger or frustration on another person, it is a sign that we've been wounded severely. How we deal with our feelings allows us to understand what we have been able to heal within ourselves. Beginning your healing journey is powerful and necessary no matter how old you are, or how old your children are. As we allow our 'Higher Selves' to heal the wounds of our egos (our wounded child), we begin to love ourselves more, which in turn means we can offer more love to our children. In this episode, we will talk about: 1. Becoming more conscious - conscious parenting 2. What is the benefit of healing ourselves and offering this to our children? 3. A lot of Parents don't want to do the "HeartWork" to be a better parent 4. "What I can offer to myself, I can offer to others" 5. Do you want to be the best parent you can be? 6. 45 and having tantrums 7. Rage and yelling stems from our wounds 8. Parenting through the lens of embodying our 'Higher Selves' 9. Your age and the age of your children does not matter when it comes to beginning your healing journey 10. Building and providing a solid foundation for your child/children to grow and count on you 11. We all have the ability to grow and nurture our child - even when we don't think we are capable of being this way 12. Healing and Self Love We all have the ability to grow and nurture our children. We ourselves, just need to start realizing that WE are the ones who need more love, patience, kindness, compassion for ourselves and FROM ourselves💜 #Podcast #episode72 #YOUAreGoodEnough #youaregoodenough #healingyourselfhealsyourchild #becomingaconsciousparent #consciousparenting #buildingastrongfoundation #selflove #beginningyourhealingjourney #healingwithin #healingyourwounds #nurturing #growthandtransformation #empowerment #motivationalspeaker #inspiringchange #higherselfwork #higherself #EmpoweringYOU #lifecoach #transformationalrelationshipcoach #KimberleyBell
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