11 minutes | Sep 24th 2020

Ep. 70 - Becoming Compassionate: Steps Towards Compassion

Ep. 70 - Becoming Compassionate: Steps Towards Compassion Do you feel like you are quick to jump to conclusions about others? It's ok, we all do it - but how can we begin to allow situations and others to be as they really are? Often times, our emotions can feel too big to keep in mind that we never know what it's like to walk in another person's shoes, to think what they think, or to see the world how they see it. And when we get caught up in what that looks like, we end up projecting life through OUR eyes upon the other person. In this episode, I'm bringing you a few steps/questions, to really hone in a new perspective and approach to being more Compassionate. Compassion helps us release judgement, rejection, anger, and all negative feelings - allowing for greater room within us, to embody happiness and peace. If you'd rather view this Podcast in video form, check out my Compassion video on YouTube! https://youtu.be/JU-VsStH-jQ As I mentioned in the episode, my new online course 7 Days To YOU is officially out and available for purchase! This short, $14 course, will guide you in deepening your self worth and empowerment by building the foundation for you to become a true friend to yourself. For more information please visit the 7 Days To YOU home page, and reach out to me for any questions! 7 Days To YOU: https://www.7daystoyou.com/home
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