10 minutes | Sep 10th 2020

Ep. 69 - Putting Down Your Sword

Putting Down Your Sword In the midst of our arguments, we often make several conclusions/assumptions about the other person involved. These assumptions are the voice of our ego, who loves to tell us that the other person really did mean to hurt us - all without understanding what the other person was going through, and what their world was like when they hurt us. Acting from our own wounding, we get annoyed, pissed off, and discount the other persons feelings or reasoning behind their actions. But in the heat of our feelings and ego's narrative, an opportunity presents itself - to respond, or react. Our ego, will be the one to react. But if we choose to take the high road regardless of what our ego is saying in the argument, our Higher Self will be the one to respond. When we get into arguments, we create the meaning for the argument and what happens by making our own conclusions. But if we keep in mind that we don't know everything that's going on, especially with the other person, then we come from the higher response place - allowing resolution and healing to occur. We always have the opportunity to add to the light of the situation, or to listen to negative story of our ego's. We always have a choice to put our sword down. Hope this is helpful, and Here's To YOU becoming your Higher Self in your arguments! Love Kim #YOUAreGoodEnough #Podcast #Episode69 #PuttingDownYourSword
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