22 minutes | Sep 3rd 2020

Ep. 68 - Are You Following Your True Compass?

YOUR HEART is your compass for navigating life. When things go wrong in our lives, when we don't like our jobs, aren't enjoying our relationship/friendships, when we feel like we are working so hard for nothing or aren't feeling appreciated by others - it's all the result of us straying away from the direction of our hearts. For so long - due to our conditioning and programming from our childhood, our parents, society, and so on - we've bypassed this concept by putting others thoughts & feelings first, and denying the truth of how we feel and who we ARE. This may seem like a very simple concept, but it goes much deeper than we know. Anything you are struggling with or are having discourse with in life right now, ask yourself why. Then check to see if any agreements that you've made, or any decisions you've gone through with, are truly in alignment with what feels right to you and your heart. Following your heart gives YOU the advantage in life. When you listen to your heart, when you follow your heart, you will ALWAYS benefit because you are choosing to live in alignment with yourself. For very long, I didn't understand the true meaning of following my heart. I listened and looked to those outside of me, to pleasing others, to following societal rules - all that my heart was not aligned with. Join me for this powerful discussion, because there are things you can do right NOW, to begin living in alignment with your authentic truth - your incredible inner compass: your heart❤️ Here's To YOU! Love, Kim
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