20 minutes | Jul 23rd 2020

Ep. 65 - Is My Relationship Based In Logic Or Love?

Ep. 65 is A BIG ONE. But if you are listening, I know you are ready to receive this weeks episode.  
 Right now, we are waking up to what is most important in our lives. Some of us may be realizing that what worked in our relationships in the beginning, is not working for us anymore. We are now moving away from what we wanted our relationships to "look" like (physically or materially), towards what we want our relationships to "feel" like. 
 Growing up, many of us learned that we needed to use our logical mind to 'do' life. But using our mind can only get us so close to being authentically happy individuals, who experience meaningful relationships.  
 Have you noticed something in your relationships (non-romantic as well) that you no longer are OK with? When we notice things that no longer serve us in relationships, it's because our soul is asking for more! Could it be that we are realizing the logical decisions or agreements we had made in the past, may not be resonating with what we now feel in our hearts?  
 I believe the world is calling for all of us to invite and allow the opportunity of experiencing a deeper relationship, one of incredible trust, vulnerability, full acceptance and reverence for the other person to be exactly who they are. While having a deep and love based connection with yourself.  
 This all begins with YOU. The more you deepen your connection with yourself, the more you will live a meaningful-heart based life. 
 Tap into your heart space and listen with intent - How do you really want to live and feel in life? 
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