15 minutes | Jul 2nd 2020

Ep. 64 - *Controlling* And How It's A Detriment To Our Lives

How do we become "controlling"? I want to help you all bring to light a disempowering behaviour that often times stems from how we grew up-control. If you lived in a household with a lot of rules like me, then you may have learned that to be obedient, to follow the rules, and to base our lives upon rules will bring us ultimate protection, security, and happiness. If only things went the way we wanted them to, gosh, wouldn't life be INCREDIBLE??? But there's a cost to having our grip wrapped so tightly around our lives and the lives of others-a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual cost. What is it in your life that you can let go of, in order to feel more free and less anxious? In order to feel more at peace? In this episode, we will talk about: 1. How we've come to be controlling 2. Where are we controlling most and with what 3. The ways we control our lives or the lives of others 4. Growing up and how this relates to how we've controlled 5. Asking WHY these 'rules' are so important to us 6. The uncomfortableness in life that control brings us-trying to "get our way" in conversation 7. The physical affects and outcomes on our bodies when we control 8. Time to do the HEART WORK 9. Getting to know ourselves on a heart-based level in order to let go and feel more freedom in our lives. What if what we really need is more love and acceptance on ourselves and others in our lives? I know that sounds kinda obvious, BUT, it's time to start taking more steps towards aligning with our love for self. It's time to have the heart based conversation with YOU. To find more of me, check me out on: YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWZZPpc5lU2Bemdmana33hA Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KimberleyBell.org/?ref=bookmarks Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kimberleybell/ Or on my website! https://kimberleybell.org/ Thank you all for your love and support! I hope this one is helpful. Here's To YOU! #YOUAreGoodEnough#WhyWeAreControlling#Grasp#CauseandEffect#BringingtoLight#ChangeandTransformation#Childhood#Rules#SelfLove#Introspection#Understanding#DivingDeeper#RelationshipCounseling#ParentalCounseling#Empowerment#EmpoweringYOU#HEARTWORK#TransformationRelationshipCoach#KimberleyBell
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