16 minutes | Jun 4th 2020

Ep. 62 - Pains Of Humanity

We are experiencing a lot of chaos in our world right now. This is due to pain, sadness & suffering. In this episode of YOU Are Good Enough! I simply want to have a conversation. The recent events that have occurred, beginning with the horrific death of George Floyd-and following-we have seen the ultimate call to action for healing, and reverence for all life. Having reverence for all life is something I feel is not spoken about as often as it should be. What is reverence? What does it mean to be reverent? These are the questions I want us to start asking ourselves. In this episode, I want to make a call to action to BE your best self, love yourself more and more everyday, and be present with the decisions you make, the actions you take, and the words you say. We are learning the pain of what we've caused so that we can realize we want to do things differently. By being our best selves, by leading with love, compassion, empathy-we heal, and allow that space for others. We care, and allow others to hold care in their hearts. We are all connected, we're human beings. We are connected with all life. YOU are good enough. WE are ALL good enough. #GeorgeFloyd#WeStandTogether#Blacklivesmatter#Reverenceforalllife#Truth#Healing#SelfLove#Peace#Conversation#TheTimeIsNow#StrengthInUnity#StrengthInConsciousness#YOUAreGoodEnough!#Empowerment#Gratitude#EmpoweringYOU#11Ways#KimberleyBell
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