21 minutes | Mar 28th 2021

5: Why you’re doubting yourself & not taking action

A big part of the reason I was single for more than 10 years is due to self-doubtI doubted I would meet anyone, that there was anyone suited to me, I didn’t think I was ready, I thought I needed to keep working on me, I thought it wold be to hard, that I needed to lose weight first, I was often thinking I can’t do that and don’t know where to start… All of those thoughts I was having were causing me to feel so much self-doubt. And when I felt that way I put it off, I hesitated, avoided it, convinced myself I wasn’t ready, I did other things in stead. And as a result I put it off for more than 10 years… In this episode we are exploring where our self-doubt comes from & why when we feel it we don't take much if any action at all AND how to begin switching from doubt to courage & confidence!You'll find more info & ways to work with me over here: xenajones.com  
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