60 minutes | Oct 18th 2011

Ysl"s Jose Mirand & Hayde Ayala "The doctor is in the House"

Interview with Dr. Harinath Sheela of the Digestive and Liver Center of Florida, P.A.  Millions of people across the country have either found themselves with a digestive or liver problem—a predicament which interferes with ones daily routines. It can be as simple as a mild case of heartburn (not always present but you can feel the onset of one coming on) or Gerd (acid reflux disease) a little more serious as it can cause inflammation and damage to the esophageal lining. Then there are others that may have annoying hemorrhoids. This week you have a chance to “ASK A DOCTOR!” as we will be bringing back Dr. Harinath Sheela from the Digestive and Liver Center of Florida to YSL. We believe it is important to cover these issues as MANY seem to avoid speaking about their immediate problems or even seeking the advice of a doctor. Since we at YSL care about you, we are revisiting with Dr. Sheela who will be discussing lifestyle changes to promoting a healthy living. Call-in with your concerns and/or questions, but don't delay. If you prefer a one-on-one consultation give Dr. Sheela’s office a call BUT mark your calendars as he will be here this Saturday to address your inquiries. YSL | Yo Soy Latino "Talk Radio The Way It Ought To Be!" Join Jose Miranda & Haydee Ayala Saturdays from Noon to 1pm. remember your radio isn't really on unless its tune to Yo Soy Latino
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