60 minutes | Sep 22nd 2011

Ysl "Let - Em Die" The Good Old Boys

September, 17 2011 - "Let -EM Die" A man inherits a broken down apartment building it has had fires and broken pipes it leaks everywhere. The new owner injects millions of dollars to try and right all the troubles this building has.However, the people who occupy the penthouses don't like the way the new owner is trying to repair the building and demand that the owner give the building over to the penthouse dwellers who claim they can and will do a better job.In fact, they not only want the owner to give up the building.They want to put one of the arsonists who brought the building to its current condition to run the building. Now common wisdom would say No way should the owner relinquish his stewardship to neither the Penthouse dwellers nor too the Arsonist.Instead remain faithful to the other apartment dwellers who are counting on the owner to do his best despite the non support from the Penthouse dwellers and the Arsonist to make the building better again. If you can see the logic in this simple position then why is America seemingly doing exactly the same thing to America?
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