60 minutes | Sep 7th 2011

YSL Americas in Mourning

September, 03 2011 - America Is Mourning..... America is in mourning stunned by circumstance, 9/11, the collapse of the financial markets, two wars, Republican Wall Street bailouts, Continued Tax breaks for the rich, the housing collapse, corporate greed, the collapse of the Social Moral. In disarray with our thoughts, reactionary to a point where we lashed out and brought into congress men and women the likes we have never seen before. Like the neighbor who brings that dish that’s meant for comfort during that period of mourning while you and your family try to catch your breath but the food actually taste bad but being kind and confused you accept it over and over thinking something is better than nothing at all. It’s time to stop grieving it’s time to let the party of “No” and the carrier politicians that America doesn’t want their bad cooking anymore!  Want to know more? Join Yo Soy Latino hosts Jose Miranda & Haydee Ayala as they explore Americas’ grieving process and what we need to do about it. Saturdays’ from Noon to 1pm on WEUS 810am in Orlando, Florida.. “Talk Radio The Way It Ought To Be”
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