60 minutes | Sep 29th 2011

Yo Soy Latino "What Are You Thinking?"

September, 24 2011 - What Are You Thinking?  "Whats good for general boom boom is good for the USA" According to the Boys & Girl Clubs of America 3/10children won’t graduate on time1/5 children are living in poverty and are overweight, 40% African American children are living in poverty…..juvenile violence is on the rise and we are cutting funds for education is this America? Shouldn’t we care more about our children then we care about our political positions? Florida: Gov. Scott is looking to abolish personal injury protection insurance. I mean really how much more do you need to see and hear until you say enough? Scott’s popularity is getting better although 53% of the public still thinks he is doing a bad job Scott showed increased strength within his own party where 70 percent of Republicans ranked his job performance favorably compared to 18 percent who disapproved. Democrats disapproved by a margin of 82 percent to 8 percent…Aren’t you glad this is a Republican run state?
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