59 minutes | Nov 15th 2011

Yo Soy Latino--- Is Racism Dead?

  November, 05 2011 - Is Racism Dead In America? Only if You live In A Bubble or you’re a Republican. The hypocrisy that continues to be the party of “NO” While continuing to filibuster and vote “NO” on any bill that would help “We The People” have once again stepped into their own big mouths. In RICHMOND, Va. Loudoun County Republican chairman Mark Sell decided to send— A Halloween-themed graphic featuring a zombie President Barack Obama with a bullet hole in his forehead provoked widespread outrage and the attention of the Secret Service Monday after a local Republican committee in Virginia used it to scare up interest in Halloween parade political activities. The montage, a banner on a mass email to Republicans in a Virginia county, mingles seasonal images including a jack-o-lantern, a disfigured U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi and a throng of flesh-hungry zombie Obama supporters. The posterized image of a rotting, undead Obama with a bleeding, large-caliber hole an inch above his right eye prompted. Yo Soy Latino with Jose Miranda & Haydee Ayala Saturdays from Noon to 1pm also heard on www.yosoylatino.us Orlando,Florida
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