107 minutes | Aug 7, 2019

Yin & Young - EP41 - Filmmaker Jeff Man - Loneliness, Growth, Acceptance

Welcome back! It’s been 3 months, but this podcast is still alive! If you’d like to help us out to be more consistent, consider being a patron on our Patreon or offering your skills as an audio editor. Email us at yinyoungpodcast[at]gmail.com.In Yin & Young episode 41, we chat with Jeff Man about filmmaking, mental health, and being more accepting.HIGHLIGHTS:Dating and loneliness.Dan consumes podcasts in 2xJeff grew up in DC, which has a diverse population.Parents grew up in Hong Kong.Spoke Cantonese, Mandarin, and English as a kid. Ended up in ESL in kindergarten and resented it.Watching Chinese films helped with his language skills.Uncle was a big movie buff.Has been in LA for 9 years. When Jeff first moved here, it was a hard transition. “LA is a very lonely city.”Jeff’s boss encouraged him to make short films by giving him a $100 monthly budget. You can see all his films here: Jeff Man on VimeoMidday Crisis is about a depressed man who calls a suicide hotline; based on a personal experience.Jeff’s short documentary “A Family Day”, follows his grandmother, who has Alzheimer’s, for one day.Santa Claus, in which Jeff directs and acts in, two lonely people share a contentious X-mas dinner.He loves documentaries as well as the narrative form.Discussion gets deep into Invisibilia’s podcast - A Very Offensive Rom-ComWhite male Asian female couplingAsian male desirabilityEveryone has their own preferences.Wishes people had more self-awareness.—LANGUAGE CORNERChinese Internet Slang (fr. James) - 拉黑 (lāhēi) which is short for 拉到黑名單 (lādàohēimíngdān) - put on a blacklistMandarin (fr. Jeff) - 男子漢大丈夫流血不流淚 (nánzǐhàn dàzhàngfū liúxuè bù liúlèi) - real men shed blood, not tears [Jeff disagrees]Japanese (fr. Dan) - 勿体無い (もったいない) - mottainai - wasteful/what a waste—Listen to Yin & Young: Website | iTunes | Facebook | YouTube | Spotify | Stitcher
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