103 minutes | Aug 15, 2020

Yin & Young EP049 - Shannon Tetteh - Qigong, George Floyd, White Supremacy

Recorded during the nationwide George Floyd protests, we chatted with Shannon Tetteh–a graduate of Fisk University (a historically black university), a certified massage therapist, and a current doctorate student in traditional Chinese Medicine.HIGHLIGHTS:00:00 Different methods of making Dit Da Jow (folk remedy for external injuries). Recently made a tincture to prevent hair loss and strengthen bone density.04:10 Shannon and James met in Oakland at a Wudang West Qigong (Chi Kung) class taught by David Wei.05:00 Moved around growing up; now based in Chicago. Part of a start-up combining cannabis with Chinese herbal medicine.10:50 Getting his first education in Black history at Fisk and seeing the deep psychological harm of using white American or white British as the default in film (e.g. Gods of Egypt 13:17).18:42 Discussion of "White Supremacy."29:29 Thoughts on the murder of George Floyd.41:30 Anime led Te to explore the martial arts. When he does have kids, plans to teach them what he’s learned. Has studied Wudang Qigong, Iron Body, and wants to study Five Elements Kung Fu.51:00 How Qigong can help the black community.58:15 The police started as slave patrols in the U.S.1:09:10 Should we reform or completely defund the police?1:18:52 America has an imbalance of Yin & Yang with the norm for America being the whites on top. Change is happening though.Martial Arts Tips (1:34:51):Video Link: Qigong lung strengthening exercise.Sleep is super important. The body needs rest for proper liver, kidney function.Martial arts gives self defense tools, but also heightens situational awareness and how to better carry yourself.Related links:Shannon’s website: Golden Palm and Needle.Wudang West (Oakland) website.Books Mentioned:Chi Gong: The Ancient Chinese Way to Health by Paul DongThe Body Electric by Robert BeckerThe writings of Manly P. HallA People's History of the United States by Howard Zinn—Consider being a patron on our Patreon.Listen to Yin & Young: Website | iTunes | Facebook | YouTube | Spotify | StitcherComments, questions? Email us at yinyoungpodcast@gmail.com.
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