25 minutes | Dec 10th 2020

When You Can’t Pay Your Mortgage - Episode 248

It seems like lenders grant or deny loan modifications at random, but there is a set of criteria that they follow, that until now has been a bit of mystery.

Our guest on this week’s Crushing Debt Podcast, Sue Reynolds, a Realtor with Archer Realty, created a worksheet using the bank’s formulas to support when clients should qualify for a loan modification.

Sue created the Homeowner Expense Analysis Worksheet to use as a supporting document in applications for loan modifications and short sales. The Expense Worksheet is a budget worksheet that helps predict when a modification should be denied or approved. Sue has allowed me to share the worksheet with you!

Go to www.ShawnMYesner.com/ExpenseWorksheet to get your free copy. You can also contact Sue at Sue@ArcherRealty.us, or contact me at Shawn@YesnerLaw.com to learn how to use the worksheet and what to avoid when using the worksheet.

In today’s episode, you’ll also learn what loss mitigation is and what they do.

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