37 minutes | Apr 2nd 2021

Thirteen Ways to Have a Successful Chapter 13 - Episode 264

Every year, the American Bankruptcy Institute (ABI) hosts a 2-day Continuing Education Seminar on bankruptcy law, The Alexander L. Paskay Memorial Bankruptcy Seminar. Each seminar produces multiple topics that I bring to you in different episodes of the show. This week, one topic we discussed was how to confirm Chapter 13 (payment plan) bankruptcies faster.  So I brainstormed thirteen ways to confirm (successfully complete) a Chapter 13 bankruptcy case, including: Have All Your Documents Get Pay Off quotes from all Secured Creditors Prior to Filing Send Filed Tax Returns to the Trustee Annually Have Stability in your Income & Expenses Make Your Chapter 13 Payments Listen to Your Attorney Cooperate with Creditors Cooperate with the Trustee Be Honest With Your Attorney Review Documents Filed by Creditors Estimate Accurately Before Filing Communicate After the Case is Over Check Your Credit Are there any that I missed?  Let me know and I'll update this episode at a future date. If you have questions about Chapter 13, contact me or contact a local attorney. If you are an attorney or title company, contact our sponsor, Sam Cohen, for a free quote on your errors & omissions (E&O or Malpractice) insurance. Sam@AttorneysFirst.com or www.AttorneysFirst.com.  For more tips on how to have more money at the end of the month rather than more month at the end of the money, please download my new book (for free, in exchange for your email) at www.ShawnMYesner.com/BecomeDebtFree. 
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