23 minutes | Dec 31st 2020

SMART Goals for Crushing Debt - Episode 251

As 2020 comes to a close, most people will set resolutions for 2021. I think setting resolutions is wrong.  I think people should set goals. Resolutions are rarely kept. Goals are accomplished. How do you set goals? What are SMART goals? Should goals be framed in the positive or to avoid the negative? What will you do to accomplish your goals in 2021? I've used these same systems for years to set and achieve my goals, like: Reading 52 books in one year Lauching www.ShawnMYesner.com/BecomeDebtFree Writing and publishing Become Debt Free in Less than One Hour Creating a Become Debt Free Community on Facebook, and Losing over 50 lbs to get into better shape. Let me know what some of your goals are for 2021, and how I can help you accomplish those goals! One of my goals is to better support our sponsor, Sam Cohen at Sam@AttorneysFirst.com or www.AttorneysFirst.com.   
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