19 minutes | Jan 21st 2021

Out Of The Box Gifts - Episode 254

When would you send someone flowers? A birth? A death? Graduation? Promotion? Medical recovery? Just moved in? Employee benefit? What if, instead of flowers, you could send a meal made with fresh ingredients by a gourmet chef? My interview this week is with Micah Serwitz, owner of Instead of Flowers, a gourmet food delivery service.  I've used Instead of Flowers to send meal gifts to someone recovering from a heart attack, to a family displaced from their home after a fire, and I've heard of them being used for all the reasons above, and more! Micah and I discuss: (1) how and when people can use Instead of Flowers, (2) why they are different than a standard meal delivery service, and (3) how the pandemic has impacted their business. You can order from or for anywhere in the United States at their website: www.InsteadOfFlowers.com. If you don't know what your recipient would like to eat, you can order a gift card as well and they can choose! Please also refer an attorney or title company to our sponsor, Sam Cohen at Attorneys First Insurance - Sam@AttorneysFirst.com or www.AttorneysFirst.com.  While they're eating a delicious meal, your recipient can also read my book to become debt free - www.ShawnMYesner.com/BecomeDebtFree. 
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