37 minutes | Apr 8th 2021

Excuse Me Ma'am, Your Wage Gap Is Showing - Episode 265

Gender wage gaps ... glass ceilings ... the pink tax ... these are all things women are still having to navigate in our society. As a white male that employs three women, what can Yesner Law do to help? What can you do to help? This week's guest on the Crushing Debt Podcast is Liz Dederer, Tampa-based CEO and founder of Selling with Service. She's a 20-year, 5-time entrepreneur, sales and money coach, advocate for women's empowerment and social justice, and current president-elect for the Lakeland Metro NAWBO chapter. She has a really incredible story about how she got to where she is today, and took me to task on what I can do to support all of the women in my life (my mom, sister, wife, staff, etc.). You can reach Liz at: www.sellingwithservice.com https://facebook.com/sellingwithservice www.YouTube.com/LizDederer www.LinkedIn.com/in/LizDederer www.Instagram.com/HolyShiftYourSales www.120k.Club In this episode, Liz breaks down the social and emotional barriers that prevent women from showing power and speaking our value at work, in our businesses, and in all conversations around and about money. As we examine the glacial pace of progress with women and money, we’ll also take a curious look at what role women play in keeping the wage gap open, including: The #1 mistake women make in conversations around and about money The two words women use that keep them held back How to increase your ask — every day, in every way 3 strategies to disrupt the conversation so we close the wage gap for good The #1 mistake we make when it comes to conversations around and about money 5 simple steps to creating a high-touch, low-tech boutique service business Actionable sales habits to grow your business in 15 minutes a day There were so many mind-blowing moments in this episode, that it was one of my favorites.  We had a great time recording and I see things in a new light around women and equality. Please visit our sponsor, Sam Cohen, and refer an attorney or title company you know to him for a quote for malpractice insurance - Sam@AttorneysFirst.com or www.AttorneysFirst.com. I like to think that debt knows no gender or color, although I'm sure there are instances where one portion of our society is more prone to incurring debt than another.  Regardless, my goal is to eliminate debt regardless of age, race, religion, gender, etc. You can find out more by ordering my second book at www.ShawnMYesner.com/BecomeDebtFree.  
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