41 minutes | Dec 17, 2020

YTE 054: Obtain greater confidence in your writing with The Jargon Expert Brittany Gregory

Do struggle with your writing? Tune into this episode and meet Brittany Gregory – The Jargon Expert – who can help you obtain greater confidence in your own voice and message.  Brittany understands at a psychological and sociological level how people understand and interpret language. She can help you craft your writing in a way the captivates others. Grab your coffee and pull up a seat at that table right next to ours so you can eavesdrop on our conversation! 🎯 New around here? Start here >>> EdTroxell.com/Start-Here Be sure to check out:  - The Yes to Entrepreneurship Network – helping non-techies run a smoother online business without all those pesky tech headaches! - Coaches Go Live – where you can easily learn how to go live and repurpose your video content so that your business doesn't get left behind. All the details can be found at EdTroxell.com/Start-Here ------- From Our Guest: Connect with our guest at www.leeannmintonvirtualassistance.com https://www.facebook.com/Leannminton.net
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