47 minutes | Jan 31, 2016

16. Do animals have souls? With human authors, how can we trust the Bible?

Woah Nelly... This episode is chock full of heavy, heavy topics. Here are the questions: 1. "I'm feeling really down and out because I am not making a lot of money at my current job, and i am having horrible luck job searching. I kind of feel like a failure because I cannot land a decent paying job. How much should I let money and my lack of it affect my life? Is it good that I feel depressed about not landing any better jobs or should I should I act as if it's not something that bad?"2. "How can we trust the bible to be true and reliable and contain absolutely no errors when humans wrote it? Human error has to be accounted when dealing with statistics, because humans inevitably make mistakes."3. "What is a soul? What does it do? If history is truly written by the conquerors, could we as humans have fallen into this trap of reinforcing our "God-given" dominance over the rest with this claim that we alone have souls? How has that colored our view of the animal kingdom and the decisions we take so lightly against all kinds of animals, from the hunting of whales, the eating of chickens, or killing for ivory or pelt, and the incarcerations in zoos. Have we made a mistake here? Can we honestly look into the eyes of a primate and say 'because the bible tells me so?'"
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