36 minutes | Dec 13, 2015

14. Christmas Episode

Jingle bells! Merry Christmas! This was one of our favorite episodes... Carl in the sound booth was drinking brandy, we had eggnog and the Sleigh Bells App ready to go, and we had a blast. Here were our questions: 1. What's your least favorite part of Christmas?2. Christmas question. Jesus was born from a virgin? How crucial is that to the whole story? What parts of the Christmas story need to stay fact... For example, if we somehow found out that mary was impregnated by a Roman soldier and the "virgn birth" was all a cover up, does that affect your view of Jesus as lord? Why does it matter that she was a virgin?3. What does Christmas ACTUALLY mean to you. Not the pastor answer. How does this season affect you personally, spiritually, emotionally, etc.
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