35 minutes | Sep 28, 2015

05. Dangerous Views of God, Temptation

Junk Drawer: I feel like having a specific image of God in our brains can be dangerous. Yes the bible tells us we are made in his image. And that he is our father. But what happens if those images or father figures aren't exactly what we should be seeing God as? How can we or should we be viewing God when we come to him in prayer/meditation/thankfulness/guidance/repentance/confession? Main Question: What advice do you have for overcoming temptation? In that moment of "I know I should not do this, but I really want to do it because I know I will enjoy it." I would love to hear some examples of things that have worked for you guys or maybe others you've had this conversation with, or if you don't have examples, maybe some questions I should be asking myself. I'm really struggling with temptation, in small ways, but many different areas.
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