59 minutes | Dec 11, 2019

Cat Xanax

Josh is moving some ish around so the rest of Y’all Boys are here dealing with bad traffic and recapping their Thanksgiving weeks. Come for the Challenge Check Up but stay for this extra long Rose, Bud, Thorn which includes Steve trying to drive out Los Angeles on a Sunday night post-Thanksgiving, Frank deals with some snow in a place where it shouldn’t be and Max polishes the box of his album without putting anything inside. The #STTT of the Week goes to Retail Workers for being the mfin’ backbone of this nation! Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Google Podcasts | Stitcher  Follow: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube Keep up with Y'all Boys and their challenges at yallboystalkin.com This episode is sponsored by The Reusables Theme Song "Won't Stop" by Jeanomusic and Interstitial Music by ADN Lewis
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