65 minutes | Mar 6, 2019

Christians like us

Tonights guest is Rose, She is an active member of Christian Forums.net, she devotes time to bringing news events to the members on the forum, and is very active in conversations within the forum. Rose has a testimony of how Christ has changed her life, and How He helps her to overcome some disabilities she has. She is also a Fan of Cosplay You can get in touch with her on Christian Forums.net her user name is HelsRisen2018 We have a request. Laya needs help with expenses, Laya is the new Co-Host of the one long minute show on Wednesday night with Host Robby Rob. She has a GOFUNDME campaign, She has been able to catch up on her rent, and is currently using donations to prevent her utilities from being shut off. If you can donate, even a few dollars it would be a blessing to her as well as Myself and Rose. here is the Link.    LAYA GoFundMe Thank You RWL
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