85 minutes | Oct 12, 2020

Ep26 Tiho Brkan: A Global Perspective to Real Estate Investing

Tiho Brkan runs The Atlas Investor, a personalized service helping investors gain access to attractive private deal flow, with a focus on real estate strategies. Tiho manages investments on behalf of his family and other HNWI and family offices across the globe. In today’s interview we discuss: The risk-reward balance between investing in real estate with an equity vs. a mezzanine debt structure. We raise the question, “Is it worth looking outside the US for real estate investment opportunities, and how challenging is it to do so?”. We discuss the demographic segment that will be the global economic driver in the coming decade. And Tiho gives us a tremendous detailed look into the hidden gem of the European real estate market as well as a clear look into what goes into his process of analysis. You can find Tiho on Twitter @TihoBrkan, by e-mail at tiho@theatlasinvestor.com, or by visiting www.theatlasinvestor.com. 
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