47 minutes | Sep 14, 2020

Ep22 Trevor Hightower: Reinventing Amenity Space in CRE

Today we bring in Trevor Hightower, president and Chief Development Officer at Craftwork Group.Craftwork partners with developers and landlords to design and service the next generation of our buildings, one that integrates the experience created through Craftwork’s “space-as-a-service” platform that gives residents, tenants, and coffee patrons what we all long for: A true community connection in an increasingly isolated world. In today’s interview we discuss: How Craftwork is building partnerships with developers and landlords to expand their presence. We discuss what Trevor calls the hotelification of traditional commercial real estate. We discuss Craftwork’s laser focus on their end user’s experience. And we even talk about the company’s coffee roasting facilities in Fort Worth, TX. You can learn more about Trevor and his company by visiting https://craftworkgroup.com/.
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