49 minutes | Jun 22, 2020

Ep17 Cody Christoph: Land Expert and Corporate Developer

Cody Christoph joined the Houston office of Colliers International in 2006 as an Associate in the company’s Industrial and Land Services Group. After 7 years in the brokerage business, Cody decided to transition into the development side by joining Corner Store Brands, where he was in charge of site selection and development for the Houston and Louisiana Markets. After nearly 5 years at CST, Cody rejoined Colliers as a Senior Associate, where he remains today. In our interview we discuss stories and lessons learned from Cody’s experience at CST, what due diligence items pose a bigger red flag than others, Cody’s favorite type of property to buy, and how to look for opportunities in a post-Covid environment. Cody can be reached by e-mail at cody.christoph@colliers.com.
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