59 minutes | May 25, 2020

Ep13 Raymond Gabriele: VP of Real Estate Development at Sueba USA

Today we host real estate developer and Vice President at SUEBA USA, Raymond Gabriele. Sueba is a company whose work I have followed and respected greatly since I began studying the Houston market. Raymond's background and education is in architecture, however after working as an architect, Raymond decided to change seats at the table and venture into private development, joining Sueba 7 years ago. Today Raymond oversees Sueba’s development efforts in the greater Houston area, including the planning, acquisition, capitalization, and development of the company’s new residential and mixed-use projects. During today’s interview we discuss: The process of developing in a city with high barriers to entry. What to look for in a property when evaluating its use for commercial development. And we discuss what the future holds for the multifamily and housing environment going forward.
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