23 minutes | Aug 31, 2015

006 Lodewijk Bogaards | Xebia Knowledge Cast

In this 6th episode, we switch to a new format!So, no fun with stickies this time. It’s one interview. And we dive in deeper than ever before. Lodewijk Bogaards is co-founder and CTO at Stackstate. Stackstate is an enterprise application that provides real time insight in the run-time status of all business processes, applications, services and infrastructure components, their dependencies and states. It gives immediate insight into the cause and impact of any change or failure from the hardware level to the business process level and everything in between. To build awesome apps like that, Lodewijk and his team use a full-stack of technologies that they continue to improve. One such improvement is ditching plain Javascript in favor of TypeScript and Angular and it is that topic that we'll focus on in today's disussion.
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