5 minutes | Mar 25th 2021

School-Sponsored eSports Boom as Place for Involvement, Teamwork, Even Scholarships

On Wednesday afternoon, Zach Suchomel strategized with his four teammates in advance of a match of Smite, an online battle arena game. He suggested characters to use and to block as part of the game, each calculation aimed to give Tomahawk High School a better chance to beat Two Rivers High School . Suchomel is a junior at Tomahawk and one of the leaders of the school’s eSports team. With their hands on controllers, eyes on the screen of a gaming computer, and mouths constantly communicating with teammates, the opening round of combat went well for Tomahawk. It defeated Two Rivers in just 18 minutes. For some area colleges and high schools, sports aren’t limited to competitions on the field or court. Like at Tomahawk, school-sponsored eSports are exploding in popularity, giving students a chance to use skills from the video game world against virtual opponents. But the gameplay is more than leisure time. Those skills can translate to academic scholarships or even careers. Suchomel
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