5 minutes | Apr 15th 2021

Kwik Trip Craze: the Wisconsin Company’s Rapid Northwoods Expansion

On Tuesday afternoon, Matt Ellingson walked out of the Kwik Trip on Rhinelander’s east side with a few bottles of water and a snack from the store’s roller grill. Yet again, he’s intentionally bypassed a restaurant or fast food joint to get something to eat at Kwik Trip. “That’s exactly what I did today,” he said with a laugh. “I got a Tornado.” Ellingson feels he knows what to expect at every Kwik Trip location. “They’ve got good food, good prices, and the people are very friendly,” he said. Rhinelander’s Kathyrn Knutson had chicken, potato rounds, and a few molasses cookies in her bag. She admits she’s a Kwik Trip regular. “I love their food. I love the convenience. For a gas station, you wouldn’t believe the things that you find in there. Everything you need is here. It’s like a one stop shop,” she said. “Get your food. Get your fuel. Treats. Ice cream. Everything. Off you go.” Knutson may feel like she’s a frequent customer. But she’s nothing compared to some of the people store
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